The 23rd ATV is back with another exciting audit competition. Participants will take part in various types of rounds such as our written test, quizzes, audit planning, and the most exciting part, the audit simulation. Make sure you and your team are ready to compete and show that you are the exceptional future auditors.

Online Registration:
- Early Bird Registration: November 22nd - December 4th 2023
- Phase 1 Registration: December 5th - 26th December 2023
- Phase 2 Registration: December 27th 2023 - January 3rd 2024
Online Preliminary: January 5th - January 17th 2024
Top 15 Announcement: February 20th 2024
Semifinal Technical Meeting: February 26th 2024
Online Semifinal: February 26th and February 28th 2024
Top 5 Announcement: March 2nd 2024
Grand Final re-Registration: March 2nd- March 4th 2024
Audit Competition Company Visit: March 8th 2024
Grand Final and Awarding Night: March 9th 2024